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Transition moldings


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Transition moldings for your new flooring

If you’ve never heard of a transition molding before, your first question might be, “What is it?” followed by, “Why do I need it?” And we certainly intend to answer both of these questions. It can be one of the most important finishing touches, and it deserves your attention, especially if you have a keen eye for style.

At Carpet Spectrum, we know that your flooring says a lot about you, and is very important. This means it is just as important to us, as we strive for your total satisfaction. We invite you to stop by either of our showrooms in Hermosa Beach and Lomita, CA, to speak to a flooring professional about your specific needs. We service the areas of Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, and San Pedro, and we’d love to be of service to you as well.

Why transition moldings?

It doesn’t matter whether your flooring is hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank or WPC, the right molding can make all the difference in the world. Consider for a moment, a beautiful picture or painting. While it might be beautiful all on its own, the proper framing can absolutely define the piece. The same is true for your flooring. In addition, it can provide a certain level of protection as well.

Transition molding is especially useful, just as you might expect from the name, for making sure that transitions are well made between floors. Without them, there is the possibility of edges that are both unprotected, as well as unsightly.
Transition Moldings in Lomita, CA area from Carpet Spectrum

Don’t just take our word for it

One of the best things about this molding is the fact that it can stop the possibility of tripping when going from one flooring thickness to another. This can be a tricky situation for both the very old and the very young, for instance, when moving from hard surface flooring to carpet. With a transitioning piece in between, it’s a much safer venture, especially when walkers, canes or wheelchairs might be involved.

There are a few different types to choose from, so let’s look at those now.
  • T-molding -usually best placed between two floorings that are the same thickness.
  • Baseboard -installed right above the flooring surface at the base of a wall.
  • Quarter-Round -can be used alone, or placed at the bottom of baseboard molding.
  • Stair-Nosing -for use on stairs.
  • Reducer -placed between two uneven floors