As we know it today, solid hardwood flooring was an instant 'hit' when it was first introduced to the marketplace over a century ago. Since that time, hardwood has been the go-to flooring material for well-appointed homes. An eco-friendly wood floor is durable, and its look is sophisticated. Low maintenance and refinishing options are two more reasons to consider a hardwood floor a good home improvement project. Carpet Spectrum Inc. is a great place to go for wood flooring. We have a showroom in Hermosa Beach and Lomita, California.

Water tolerance

The number of residential and commercial hardwood flooring applications has expanded with the development of engineered wood. Because of its ability to tolerate water, manufactured wood flooring can be installed in areas of the home where solid wood is rarely found. Usually, engineered wood has a base made up of many layers of plywood situated in different directions. It's this composition that gives planks their water resistance.

Interlocking edges

A second reason why engineered wood can be installed in moisture-prone spaces is basements and laundry rooms. Most planks are designed for floating floor construction. While solid wood planks are nailed to a wood subfloor, manufactured planks fit together at the edges, so there is no need for attachment to the subfloor. Thus, it's easy to place the planks over an existing floor or on top of a cement slab.

In addition to the two showrooms, Carpet Spectrum Inc. brings a selection of flooring to Southern Californians through a shop-at-home service. Whether you come to us or we come to you, you'll begin your hardwood flooring upgrade with a free estimate and assistance from our design consultants. We have a vast in-house inventory that is ready for immediate installation. You'll find products by Hallmark Floors, a top hardwood flooring company, as well as Mohawk, Mannington, Karastan, and more. We invite you to browse through our flooring samples.